Rockin Green Diaper Detergent

Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent Review

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Is Rockin Green Detergent Any Good For Cleaning Cloth Diapers?

Rockin Green is a cool new cloth diaper detergent brand that I heard about through my friend Emmy. She is a long time cloth diaper’er with all three of her kids and she could not stop raving about this detergent.

Rockin’ Green is one of the few hypoallergenic laundry detergents that is both safe for babies’ sensitive skin and does not leave residue on your diapers even in hard water. I am a devoted convert from my old standby detergent, Arm and Hammer, to Rockin’ Green.

Will Rockin’ Green work in hard water?

There are 3 formulas depending on the type of water you have.

  • “Soft Rock” for soft water
  • “Hard Rock” for hard water
  • and “Classic Rock” for everything in between.

If you don’t know if you have hard or soft water, just look at your bathtub or shower stall. See any water stains or rings around your bath tub? If so, then you definitely have hard water.

Don’t know if you have soft water? A good test is the “squeaky clean” soap test. When you shower or do the dishes do you get a squeaky feeling when you rub your fingers together? Or do your fingers feel slippery? Soft water will leave things feeling slippery and soapy even after all the soap has been rinsed off. If things are “squeaky clean” then you definitely do not have soft water!

How Many Loads Of Laundry Can I Wash With Rockin Green?

Each bag of detergent costs less than $20 and you can wash between 50-90 loads of dirty diapers.

You don’t need to use a lot of detergent, about 2-3 scoops with the scoop inside is enough for a large load of dirty diapers.

If you are trying to clean off any hard water or chemical residue from your diapers then you will need to use more detergent per load.

Rockin’ Green Diaper Detergent Review

Rockin’ Green diaper detergent comes in a variety of kid friendly scents with cute music themed names such as “Smashing Watermellon”, “Classic Rock Bare Naked Babies”, and “Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer”.

Kudos to the guys at Rockin’ Green for trying to make laundry a bit more fun! Here’s the full list of scents:

  • Bare Naked Babies
  • Earth, Wind and Orchids
  • Lavender Mint Revival
  • Mighty Marshmallow
  • Motley Clean
  • Rage Against The Raspberries
  • Smashing Watermelons
  • The Plain Green Tea’s

The scent covers up any unpleasant poopy diaper smells when you’re washing them, but the it does not stick on the diapers. This is because Rockin’ Green uses gentle ingredients that do not build up on diapers. There are no enzymes, dyes, harsh perfumes, or bleaching chemicals in this cloth diaper detergent. Cloth diapers washed with Rockin’ Green come out smelling clean and fresh instead of perfumed.

How does Rockin’ Green work?

Because there are no extra sudsing chemicals in Rockin’ Green, you won’t get the regular soap bubbles that you’re used to with regular laundry detergents. When you use Rockin’ Green you will notice that your water will turn cloudy and dark with all the stuff that’s coming out of your diapers. It’s pretty gross but this is a good sign of how well your diapers are being cleaned. Just be sure to run an additional rinse cycle at the end to flush everything out.

Does Rockin’ Green cause buildup?

Rockin’ Green is one of the best cloth diaper detergents for stripping off build up in all types of water conditions.

Regular laundry detergents and fabric softeners will cause leaking and odor problems because they don’t rinse off completely. The residue creates a coats the fibers of the diaper and keeps them from working like they should. This will make your baby miserable and can lead to problems such as diaper rash.

I have never had a load of dirty diapers not rinse clean with this detergent. Rockin’ Green is a great alternative that rinses clean every time with no lingering perfume or build up and it does not give my baby diaper rashes.

Considering the amount of dirty diapers you can wash with one bag, the price is not too bad. Each bag can wash about 45 big loads or 90 large loads of diapers. You can find all the formulas and scents at Amazon. Plus if you have Amazon Prime you can get free 2 day shipping through the Prime program. With free shipping, that comes out to 22-44 cents per load of laundry.

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7 thoughts on “Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent Review”

  1. jane

    I love Rockin’ Green! It’s amazing on my diapers, for sure, but I just use it on all of my laundry now. It didn’t take much to get my diapers actually completely clean, so I figured it would be perfect for regular wear and tear clothes, too! I recently got the separate Athletic Wear formula because we started doing jiu jitsu and those jiu jitsu gis are a beast to keep clean without damaging the fabric. Rockin’ Green is up to the job! I love that whenever I open up my dryer, I smell nothing. Fresh and clean clothes ready for the next round of whatever we are up to is how I like it!

    1. Diaper Changing Jane

      Hi Jane!

      It’s almost impossible to go back to using over-scented and cloying regular detergents. Rockin’ Green + line dried clothes = pure,clean,sunshine joy!

  2. Sara

    Hello! I used Rockin Green for about a month and didn’t feel it cleaned my diapers very well. In fact, I couldn’t understand how that little amount could possibly get my dirty diapers clean. Surfactants, which are what clean your clothes, are the second to last ingredient in RnG. So, how can this detergent possibly be getting diapers clean with such little amount of actual cleaner? I’m very curious because I’ve read mixed reviews about this product and would love it if someone can break down the science for me because it just doesn’t make sense. LOL. Most of the mom’s in my mommy groups say no no to this cleaner for this same reason. They all use main stream detergents. Thanks for your help!

    1. Diaper Changing Jane

      Hi Sara,

      There are actually several ‘cleansing agents’ in the formula besides the surfactants. Just for other readers’ reference, here are the ingredients on the label.

      Ingredients: sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, natural chelating agents, sodium sulfate, biodegradable surfactants, natural fragrance oils (unless unscented).

      The first ingredient, sodium carbonate (Na2CO), is also known as washing soda and it’s an old-timey cleanser that your grandmother or great-grandmother probably used. It’s also a common ingredient in homemade laundry detergent formulas. It has two purposes. First, it raises the pH of the water which helps fade away many types of organic stains. The other purpose of sodium carbonate is to neutralize the residue from minerals in hard water.

      The second ingredient, sodium percarbonate (2Na2CO3 · 3H2O2), is a crystallized mix of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. When the crystals get wet, the hydrogen peroxide is released and gets to do it’s magic. As you probably know from the drugstore bottles of hydrogen peroxide, it is a disinfectant and weak bleaching agent. The advantage that hydrogen peroxide has over regular chlorine bleach is that it breaks down into water and leaves no traces of toxic chemicals.

      They don’t state what the specific “natural chelating agents” include, but their purpose is probably to help reduce water hardness.

      The next big detergent-like ingredient is sodium sulfate. This is an inexpensive filler for powdered laundry detergents and according to this source, it is used in the textile industry to alter the fabric fibers so dyes penetrate more deeply. Perhaps this also helps get stains out more easily?

      And then finally, there are the surfactants which lower the surface tension of water. These are the compounds that most of us think of when we talk about detergents.

      You’ve probably noticed that most of the ingredients work by reducing water hardness and binding to minerals in water. If Rockin Green hasn’t worked for you, I would suspect that you live in an area with hard water. If you have lots of minerals and salts in your water supply then those compounds would inactivate most of the ingredients in the detergent before they got the chance to work on the poopy stains in your diapers.

      Here’s a map of areas with hard water from the USGS.

      I know that Rockin Green has a ‘hard water’ formula, but that might not be enough for very hard water or well water. Likewise, Charlie’s Soap is also based on sodium carbonate so it’ll have the same problems.

      There’s also Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soda which has *almost* the same ingredients, except that it has the addition of sodium metasilicate which according to this page is a much more powerful water softener. Some people claim that Nellie’s worked for them when Rockin Green and other brands failed to get the job done.

      If you want to give natural detergents another try, you could adding a booster of water softeners (like a scoop of borax) so that less of the detergent gets neutralized in your water.

      There’s enzyme based detergents like Seventh Generation and Tide Free and Gentle, which may be better for getting rid of stains, but if you have hard water, they won’t get rid of problems (leaking and smells) caused by buildup over time.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Woolybooty

    Great info on here. And in the comments ;-p
    I live in California and have pretty hard water :-/ so I washed my diapers for a year without realizing that my detergents were not cleaning my diapers very well and almost always had ammonia smells everytime they were wet. And it was worse if it was in a pul cover too (which has led us to wool). Desperate to get them clean I decided to try rockin green because I heard so many great things about it and there’s a hard water formula! After an 8hr soak, I washed them like normal and they came out softer and cleaner than EVER. Because of hard water issues, my diapers were always feeling kind of stiff after being dried in the dryer but hopefully the switch to rockin green will fix that issue and keep the ammonia away.

  4. MeaHop

    Rockin green was horrid for cleaning our diapers. We had ammonia, barnyard, rashes, the works. I would strip, sun, bleach, anything I could think of to no avail. We have very hard water and I used the hard rock formula, so I couldn’t figure it out. I upped the amount of detergent once, then again, then again with no results. I changed my wash routine and changed it again. They always stank. I finally decided to strip again and use tide original for a couple months just to see if that helped. 15 months, and another baby later, we haven’t had anymore problems. I would not recommend RnG to anyone.

    1. Diaper Changing Jane


      Sometimes detergents don’t work no matter what we try, unfortunately. Tide is a good detergent if you’re not insistent about using ‘fragrance free’ products for your baby. There’s also Tide Free and Gentle if anybody’s worried about fragrances causing allergies or skin irritation.

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