OSoCozy Birdseye Weave Flat Cotton Diapers

OSoCozy Washable Cloth Diapers Review

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Osocozy 6 pack unbleached cotton diapers

What are OSoCozy diapers?

OSoCozy cloth diapers are cotton pre-fold diapers made out of hypoallergenic unbleached cotton.  The great thing about pure cotton diapers is that they’re gentle and safe for even the most sensitive bottoms. Since OSoCozys are pre-folds and not a diaper system, you’ll need to get some diaper pins or Snappi diaper fasteners to keep them closed.

Unlike the Gerber pre-folds, OSoCozy diapers are really thick and strong.  They’re like old fashioned cotton diapers and the type of diapers used by professional diapering services.  No worries about leaks and blowouts with these!

There are two versions of OSoCozy cloth diapers. The most popular version is the Indian cotton prefold. The other is a birdseye cotton weave. Both diapers are made out of unbleached cotton and thickly woven.  The birdseye diapers are flat and measure about 24″ on each side before washing.  The pre-fold version is about 12″x16″ and several layers thick.

If you like to origami fold your diapers rather than using a thick pre-fold, then you should get the birdseye cotton weave version.

Do OSoCozy Diapers Leak?

OSoCozy cotton prefold inside a diaper cover
Use OsoCozy inside a cover if you’re worried about leaks.

I find that these are one of the most absorbant cloth diapers even among pre-folds and cotton flats. The pre-fold version has 4 layers of cloth along the sides and 8 layers in the middle.  Even the heaviest soakers will not cause leaks. If you want extra security, you can use these pre-folds with a diaper cover such as FuzziBunz diaper covers.

Like all other cotton diapers, you’ll need to pre-wash the diapers a couple times before you use them.  This helps them absorb better which prevents leaks and runs.

How To Wash OSoCozy Cloth Diapers

Since these diapers are 100% cotton you can use hot water on tough stains without worrying about ruining the fabric. Like all reusable and washable cloth diapers OSoCozy diapers will need to be washed with a special diaper detergent such as Rockin’ Green detergent.

Regular laundry detergent and fabric softeners can coat your diapers and lead to problems with leaks.  Cloth diaper detergents rinse cleanly and leave no residue or build up on your diapers. This means you will not have problems with odors or leaking and wicking.

Check out my review of Rockin’ Green diaper detergent to see why I love it so much.

Buy OSoCozy Prefold Diapers Cheap

Osocozy 6 pack unbleached cotton diapers

OSoCozy diapers are very economical and come in packs of 6 diapers for less than $20. There are 2 sizes.  One for infants 6-15 pounds and a larger size for older babies and toddlers. These diapers are made out of 100% cotton so there will be slight shrinkage the first time you wash them. If your baby is heavier, you might want to play it safe and get a larger size.

These diapers get softer after each wash and they are very soft and smooth on your skin.  The cotton can be washed in hot water and dry easily unlike other cloth diapers made with microfiber.  I have no worries of diaper rash or irritation using these cotton diapers.

At the same time, the fabric used for OSoCozy is thick and built to last.  Unlike the gauzy and thin Gerber diapers, OSoCozys remain crisp and fold neatly after multiple washes.

At the great price of less than $20, I would definitely recommend OSoCozy diapers over alternatives such as Gerber cotton diapers.

Where can you buy it?

Amazon.com sells OSoCozy pre-fold cloth diapers

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