Review Of Kushies AIO Cloth Diapers

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Kushies makes several types of cloth diapers, but I’m going to review the Ultra-lite all-in-ones since that’s what everybody’s looking for when they’re searching for Kushies reviews. I know Kushies doesn’t get a lot of love online compared to Fuzzibunz and bumGenius, but I love them because they’re so low frills and practical.

These are my “workhorse” diapers that I give out to grandma when she babysits and the ladies at the daycare.

I don’t have to worry that they won’t know how to use Kushies or ruin them because Kushies are used exactly like disposable diapers.

It’s foolproof and non-cd’ers won’t complain about using Kushies AIOs like they do when I try to get them to use my diapers with pockets or diaper covers.

  • They’re sturdier (but soft) and more absorbent than the Gerber birdseye cloths which are gauzy and too thin.
  • They’re made out of cotton flannel which is great because they’re so soft and absorbent, but bad because they don’t work with Snappis! You’ll have to use regular diaper pins with these prefolds.
  • You can probably guess from the above 2 points, but the Kushies prefolds are thick you can use them with a diaper cover or even as is. They really are that absorbent.
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Anyways, back to the AIOs…


Super easy foolproof design. It’s just like a disposable diaper but in 100% soft cotton flannel. Plus it’s the most budget friendly cloth diaper at around $10* each. You can diaper your baby until he/she is potty trained with 24-36 diapers or for a total of $240-$360. That’s less than the cost of 6 months of disposable diapers!

Kushies All In One Diapers With Velcro
  • If you know how to put on a regular disposable diaper then you know how to use Kushies. While 2 part systems are great if you want to customize your diaper, they are fussy and intimidating for first time users. Kushies are the most similar to the disposable diapers that everybody knows how to use. If you prefer a simple diaper that you can just position and strap in place, then you should get Kushies.
  • There are no covers or prefolds to mess with. I recommend that you have a couple of all-in-ones in your stash for those days when you’re going to be out and without access to a clean diaper changing area. Many people don’t know what to do with 2 part diapering systems so they refuse to use cloth diapers. All-in-one diapers are similar to disposables so you can get past people’s resistance and ease them into cd’ing with aios. This makes Kushies AIO diapers the best choice for babysitters and daycare workers.
  • These are the least expensive cloth diapers out there. It comes out to a little over $10* per diaper if you get the 5 pack of diapers. With a bit of care, kushies will be the best diapers you can get for your money. The biggest problem is the velcro gets fuzzy if you don’t take care of them before you wash them. This is a simple 2 second fix. Just be sure to attach them to the other side before you wash them so they’re not catching onto everything else. Then you can wash them in the washing machine just like other cloth diapers.

Now, just so you don’t think I’m favoring Kushies over other brands of washable diapers, there are some other quirks that bugged me about these cloth diapers.


You’ll need to spend a little more time when you launder these diapers to prevent wear and tear on the velcro and to make sure they’re completely dried.

  • All-in-one diapers like Kushies take longer to dry compared to diaper covers and inserts. Check out the section below on how to wash and dry all in one diapers for the best way to launder aio diapers.
  • Some people hate velcro on cloth diapers. I’m neutral in this debate. I think both the snaps and velcro sides have their advantages and disadvantages. I’ve included a quick 2 second tip below that will extend the life of the velcro straps on your cloth diapers.
  • These diapers are bigger than you would expect from the product description. I would say that you should wait until your baby is a couple weeks or 2 months old before you try Kushies. You can get Kushies to fit if you add an extra liner to “bulk up” the diaper, but the waistband will go up to your baby’s chest.

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How to prevent blowouts and leaks in cloth diapers. How to use Kushies ultra-lite diapers.

  • Most leaks are caused by improper positioning and looseness in the leg area. Make sure you line the diaper up along your baby’s natural waist and make sure the flap is in the correct position (up for boys, down for girls).
  • Do a check each time to make sure the leg holes and velcro are snug enough. Refasten and reposition if necessary.
  • Kushies ultra-lites seem to run big especially length-wise. They fit taller babies or babies who are 10 pounds and up.
  • Can Kushies be used all night long without any leaks? YES! I think these are the most dependable diapers for overnight protection. There is enough room inside Kushies for an extra flannel liner if you want to go all night without a diaper change. Add a liner to prevent leaks overnight or when you’re away from home and can’t change the diaper in time.

How do you wash Kushies all in one cloth diapers? And how the heck do you dry them?

Check out my eco-friendly (and wallet friendly) method of laundering cloth diapers.
Keep reading if you would rather do it the conventional way with a full sized washer and dryer.

  • Do a pre-wash with a diaper sprayer to rinse off the poo and pee on the surface of the diaper. Really let the water soak in so it rinses out most of the pee in the fabric. Diaper sprayers are amazing! It’s like a power-sprayer for your diapers that rinses all the yucky stuff straight into your toilet instead of swishing it all around inside your washer… (Check out the diaper sprayers you can get on Amazon)
  • Then wash with a regular cycle with a diaper safe detergent. Use a detergent recommended for diapers. Do not use detergents with fabric softeners as they create a buildup of wax on your diapers. This will eventually cause your diapers to leak. It is very important that you do not use your regular laundry detergent or fabric softener. These products will stick to the fabric and keep them from soaking up poop and urine. This will cause leaks and ruin your cloth diapers forever, so don’t try to save money with detergent. A giant bag/bucket of Rockin’ Green or Thirsties detergent will last for at least a year even if you wash your diapers multiple times a week.
  • All-in-one diapers are thick and take more time to dry than 2 part diapering systems. Dry them in your dryer (throw in a large bath towel to suck up more water) on low heat. Then sun dry for a day to make sure the diaper is completely dry.
  • Lay diapers flat to dry in the sun – a drying rack is helpful – as wet diapers are heavy and hanging will stretch the diapers out of shape.
  • Sun drying will also bleach away yellow stains. Please do not use bleach when you wash your diapers as this will shorten the life of the fabrics. If you need to sterilize or bleach away stains, use something like Oxyclean.

How can I keep the velcro from on my cloth diapers from getting fuzzy?

The never-ending debate in the cloth diapering world – velcro or snaps. I think hook and loop (aka velcro) gets a bad reputation a lot of times. For sure they are the easiest for newbies to use since they’re so similar to disposable diapers. The biggest complaint is that velcro gets fuzzy and loses it’s grip after many washes. Here’s a tip to extend the life of the velcro straps on your Kushies diapers.

  • Always fold the velcro straps back before you throw the diaper into the washer. This way they won’t cling and get caught on other fabrics in the load of laundry. You’re also reducing the area of the velcro strap that’s open and exposed. This keeps the strap from getting fuzzy so soon.

How many Kushies do I need to buy?

I recommend that you build up your stash of diapers if you’re just starting out. 12 diapers is enough if you do your laundry every day. 12 will give you a set to use while your diapers are washing/drying. Once you’re sure that you want to dive all the way into cloth diapering, you’ll probably want 24-36 diapers. This way you can cut the amount of laundry you do down to 2-3 times a week and take a breather!

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