Gerber Prefold Birdseye Cloth Diapers Review

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Are Gerber prefolds good diapers?

Before the days of fasteners, snappis, and velcro, cloth diapers were just pieces of thick cloth held together with safety pins. Cotton prefolds are a “back to basics” type of cloth diaper just like our grandmothers used.

However, the type of cloth your reusable diaper is made of can have a huge impact on absorbancy and diaper quality.  In the case of Gerber’s prefolds, their lack of thickness will leave you with a big mess on your hands.

Should You Buy Gerber Cloth Nappies Even If They Are Cheap?

First off, these cloth diapers are 100% cotton.  They are woven and measure about 22″ x 24″.  Since they’re cotton, they can be washed with hot water and dried on high heat. That means that Gerber prefold diapers an be stripped over and over again.

However, I can not recommend them as diapers even for newborns.  I did the preparation that was recommended on the packaging like pre-washing the diapers, but these nappies were soaked through within two hours.

The cloth is simply too thin.  It’s gauze like and almost see through.

The cloths wrinkle and change shape after the first wash so I couldn’t return them, but I have discovered some other uses for these cloths.

Ways to use Gerber cloth diapers

  1. Use Gerber diapers as a cheaper and easier to wash insert for other diapering systems.  While they are horrible diapers on their own, these cloths can be folded up to whatever size and inserted into your more expensive cloth diapers like Fuzzibunz diaper systems. No more expensive inserts made of hard to wash materials like microfiber!  Gerber birdseye diapers are easy to wash and dry since they’re so thin and 100% cotton.
  2. These cotton prefolds are also great as burp cloths or spit cloths. They’re pure cotton so you can wash them in hot water without shrinkage. This should be enough to get rid of the toughest stains
  3. Since they’re lint free, Gerber diapers also make great cloths for polishing silver, washing windows, and dusting.
  4. Finally, you can use Gerber prefolds as cheese cloths for straining soups and cheeses.

How to use Gerber prefold diapers as a liner/soaker pad

Why You Shouldn’t Get Gerber Reusable Prefold Cloth Diapers

  1. The diapers are large and bulky and very difficult to fold and pin.  Since there’s no padding in the middle, you’ll have to fold and position the cloth just right or else you’ll get leaks. The last thing I want to do is fold cloth diaper origami while I’m wrestling with a wriggling baby!
  2. They’re also bulky and bulge out under clothes once folded up. I had to use a larger onesie because my baby could not get into his onesie while wearing these diapers.
  3. The biggest problem is that the cloth is very thin compared to other prefolds.  You’ll be disappointed if you think these are like the thick cloth diapers your grandmothers used. The absorbency of these reusable diapers is laughable.  I, like most others who decided to buy Gerber cloth diapers, have resorted to using these nappies as burp cloths.

Do All Cotton Prefold Diapers Leak?

Eventually, unless you use a waterproof liner. This does not mean that prefolds are bad choices for reusable nappies!

I actually love prefolds.

For one, they’re so much cheaper than the newer diapering systems.

Prefolds can be unfolded for easier washing and don’t have problems with gunk and buildup like microfiber diapers. Cotton prefolds also dry much more quickly compared to pads & inserts.

Washing and drying are so very important with cloth diapers. There’s much less of a chance of diaper rash with these diapers compared to other diapers.

However, you will need to change them more often. Sometimes, even every three or four hours, compared to conventional nappies.

Instead, if you want to buy cloth prefold diapers on sale, you should consider OSoCoy prefold diapers which are made with thick almost flannel like cotton.  You can check out my review of OSoCozy cloth diapers here. I love that they are low priced but also high quality and last forever.

The trick to using prefolds is to have them folded into position and ready to go before you change your baby.  You’ll want to make sure you have enough layers in the crotch and bottom area to soak up any “big loads”.  If you’re prepared, you won’t have to fiddle with folding everything into place every time you change a diaper.  Just position the diaper and fasten in place!

You can fasten prefolds the old fashioned way with safety pins, but the klutz in me is too scared to use sharp pins around my baby.  I really like to use Snappi fasteners, but you’ll need to use a prefold with a thicker cloth.  Snappis definitely won’t work with gauzy diapers like Gerbers!

Where can you get Gerber Prefold Diapers? sells Gerber cotton prefold diapers.

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  1. Max

    have been our top-selling cloth diaper cover since we strtaed in 2006. Bummis are also a great choice, but there are many good diaper covers on the market now, including the Meadowlark Mountain one size cloth diaper covers and side snapping covers. or are both really good choices. While you will find that some people love one or the other, they are both great prefolds and the differences between them are minimal.

  2. Most states require a two hour diaper change for childcare and adult care facilities. Why should we do less than them in general, as cloth diaperers? It is best to check diapers within two hours.

    Also, Gerbers would work great with doublers…..

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