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My Cloth Diaper Reviews: Washable Diaper Brands

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The Most Popular Brands Of Reusable Cloth Diapers

Are you wondering which brand of reusable diaper to get your little one?

Chances are you’ve either been burned by the experience of leaks or accidents with cheap cloth diapers. Or maybe this is your first time buying cloth diapers.

Here are the top brands of washable diapers that other readers have recommended.

Click below for more detailed information about each different brand of reusable diapers and my personal review of each one.

Choosing the right cloth diaper can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. Our diaper guides will help you find the right choice for your baby’s comfort and your sanity.


bumGenius Cloth Diapers ReviewThe most popular cloth diapers on the market.

Comes in tons of colorful designs.

Made with microfiber – you’ll be leak free 99% of the time.


Kushies Cloth Diapers ReviewAll in one washable diapers.

Only costs $10!

Made with flannel instead of microfiber.

Gerber Prefolds

Review of Gerber Prefold Cloth DiapersOld fashioned cloth diapers like your grandma used.

Very thin and prone to leaking.

You have to use safety pins or modern fasteners to fasten the diapers.


FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers ReviewOne size fits all washable diapers with adjustable snaps.

Snaps guarantee a long life versus velcro which can lose its stickiness.

Liners are made from microfiber.


Review of Kissaluvs Cloth DiapersYou can choose from cotton, hemp, or fleece diapers.

Sizes range from newborn to toddler.

Get the Kissaluves All-In-One Marvels if you need a waterproof cover.


OSoCozy Cloth Diaper System Review100% hypoallergenic cotton pads for sensitive babies.

Prefold diapers that can be used with fasteners, safety pins, or inserted into a fuzzibunz cover.

Thick cotton prefolds, much better than Gerber’s prefolds.

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