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bumGenius Reusable Diapers Review

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bumGenius is one of the largest brands of cloth diapers on the market. They have gone through many design changes and the most current model is 4.0. Each successive redesign of the bumGenius cloth diaper has improved upon the previous model by adding more features such as adjustable sizes and different types of fasteners.

The newest version of bumGenius 4.0 now has snap buttons that eliminate the problems many people had with flimsy velcro in the older versions of bumGenius. I would say that the current version of bumGenius cloth diapers are on par with Fuzzibunz.

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What I like about bumGenius diapers

The outer cover of bumgenius comes in either solid colors or abstract ink print designs in a variety of colors that make these diapers perfect for both little baby boys and girls. It is made with a leak proof fabric that gives you some extra time before you need to change your baby’s diaper.

The cover is adjustable for all sizes with a combination of snap buttons and elastic around the openings that seal the diaper tightly to prevent leaks. The newest version of bumGenius 4.0 has snaps to adjust the sizing much like Fuzzibunz diapers.  Older versions of bumGenius may have adjustable velcro straps or even a hook system.

Are all those snaps and closures difficult with a squirming baby?

Not really once you practice a few times.  It’s no more complicated than disposable diapers.  Just be thankful you don’t have to wrestle with sharp pins and a wriggly baby like our grandmothers!

While this system of snaps and closures may seem very complicated at first, they are an excellent solution that lets you reuse your diapers many times. You can keep using the same diapers even as your little one grows from newborn to infant to toddler sizes. If you have multiple children, they can use the same set of bumGenius diapers since the fit is adjustable. This way you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in diapers!

bumGenius 4.0 Diapers vs. Fuzzibunz?

The system of snaps and replaceable elastic bands is an idea that bumgenius borrowed from other diaper brands such as Fuzzibunz and this has finally solved one of the most common problems that parents have had with bumGenius diapers. Since the point of cloth diapers is that they are reusable through many months and even babies, wear and tear of the velcro and elastic in the diapers would defeat this purpose. This was the exact problem with previous versions of bumGenius before 4.0. In fact, I’ve seen my little boy rip off the velcro straps of his diaper many times and I will let you guess the results of those unfortunate accidents…

No worries though as bumGenius 4.0 diapers now have a kid proof snap system that little hands just can’t undo! Plus you won’t have to worry about leaks and accidents from the leg area since the elastic bands can now be taken out and replaced once they start getting loose.

As for how much these diapers can hold, I find that bumGenius diapers are actually more absorbent than Fuzzibunz. This means bumGenius is a better choice for babies that really saturate their diapers, larger babies, and overnight use.

Some people prefer switching from cloth diapers to disposable ones especially during long road trips or during the night but I find that bumGenius handles these situations just fine with nary a wet spot.

I would say that with the recent redesign, bumGenius diapers are now comparable to Fuzzibunz. They have added new features such as snaps and replaceable elastic bands that extend the lifespan of each diaper so each bumGenius diaper can diaper two or even three babies. Not bad for a diaper under $20!

Do bumGenius Cloth Diapers Leak?

I remember my first time using cloth diapers was full of worries about leaks and accidents – during the night, when we’re out shopping, in the car-seat – oh my!

Let me assure you that all these fears were completely unfounded. I find that I have rarely had a leak with bumGenius. You do have to keep in mind that cloth diapers are not as waterproof as disposable plastic ones. They are cloth after all, but some common sense precautions will take care of most accidents.

If you need extra coverage, double up on the liners/pads you stuff inside the diapers.  For a cheaper solution, use pre-fold diapers which can be folded to the right size to fit inside your bumGenius.

First of all you will want to get the right detergent for your cloth diaper covers and liners. I would recommend “Rockin Green” cloth diaper detergent or “Thirsties Cloth Diaper Super Wash”.

These detergents get rid of urine scents, stains, and other unpleasant odors. They also keep the fabric in tip top shape to maximize their absorbency which keeps your washable diapers from leaking.

Above all you will want to avoid using regular laundry detergent and fabric softeners when you wash and dry the diapers. This is because the laundry detergents and fabric softeners we often use are full of waxes that cover fabrics.

Buildup from softeners will prevent your diaper liners from soaking up urine and the result will be a wet bed or a doo-doo on your white carpet! Unfortunately once this happens there is no way to fix this other than vigorously stripping your diapers with the right detergent.

Sometimes even this is not enough to get rid of the waxy residue and you will have to buy a new set of nappies and liners. I’ll give you one guess how I found this out the hard way…

How to Wash bumGenius Cloth Diapers

bumGenius diapers are very easy to clean. First you will want to rinse any surface “doo doo” off either in the sink or with the bumGenius sprayer into the toilet. Next you will want to shake out the liner from inside the cover. I would recommend that you wash both once using just plain water. This rinses off most of the heavy duty residue and gets rid of odors. Next run another cycle with a cloth diaper detergent to get those diapers extra clean.

While you can machine dry your diapers and liners I prefer to hang dry them as there’s less wear and tear this way. That’s really all there is to cleaning bumGenius washable diapers!

See our list of reusable diaper accessories for the best cloth diaper detergents, spray nozzles, drying racks, and clips.

What I Don’t Like – bumGenius Complaints

Overall, my one big pet peeve with bumGenius diapers is that after a while the elastic bands around the leg area will get loose and have to be replaced. However the company will send out new elastics for free so that’s not too big of a problem.

I would also prefer a different type of fabric instead of microfiber. This is a personal preference since I dislike how microfiber “sticks” to your hands. However many people like microfiber because it’s so soft and smooth.

bumGenius Comparison to Other Washable Diapers

I would say that for first time CD’ers that bumGenius is a good starter choice especially if you don’t know what sizes to get or how much your baby will soak the diapers.

After a while, you will develop a preference for different cloths and materials as well as different closures, liners, and styles of reusable diapers. Then you should experiment with other brands of reusable diapers. However, bumGenius 4.0 sure can’t be beat for under $20!

Where can you find bumGenius?

Amazon.com sells bumGenius diapers.

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