All About All-in-one (AIO) Diapers

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Q:What are all-in-one (AIO) diapers?

These are cloth diapers where the absorbing layers inside are attached to the diaper cover. They are the type of cloth diaper that is most similar to disposable diapers. This makes All-in-ones the best choice if you are a first timer. AIO diapers are very easy to use as there is no need to mess with folding like with prefolds/covers, or inserts like with all-in-two diapers. Just wrap them around your baby and you’re ready to go.

And since there are less layers, and thus bulk to deal with, AIOs give a trim and close fit. If you hate how bulky cloth diapers look and how they never fit under your baby’s clothes, then you should give AIOs a try.

AIO diapers come with different kinds of closures ranging from velcro (hook and loop) to snaps. I prefer snaps as they don’t wear out from washing/drying while velcro gets fuzzy and loses strength.


Pros of all-in-one diapers:

  • All in one piece. Great for daycare and babysitters. If you’re worried about cloth diapering because many caregivers say they’re too complicated, or if you’re worried that caregivers will throw away your expensive inserts by mistake, AIO are a pretty much the idiot-proof version of cloth diapers! Kushies aio diapers are the easiest to use. They fasten with velcro straps which makes them as easy to use as disposable diapers.
  • The type of cloth diaper most like disposable diapers.
  • The most close-fitting and least bulky of all cloth diapers.
  • Natural fibers sit next to your baby’s skin unlike pockets where a synthetic lining separates the insert and baby’s skin.

Cons of all-in-one diapers:

  • If you buy older generation diapers, they can be difficult to dry since the thick absorbent material cannot be removed. For this reason, I don’t recommend these diapers if you live somewhere humid and don’t plan on using a dryer to dry your diapers. There is a way to air dry thick aio diapers with a spin dryer. Damp diapers can get funky really fast! Fortunately, most newer AIO diapers have soakers that are semi-detached which can be laid out flat to dry.
  • Some AIO diapers give you more room to add an additional insert, but not all AIOs have this option. One major reason why more people like AI2 or prefolds is the ability to double up on inserts for overnight use or heavy-wetters.
  • You will have to change more frequently since you have to change the diaper after each wetting. Unlike ai2 or prefolds and covers, you can’t just remove the soiled insert and add a fresh one inside the cover.

The best selling AIO diapers are:

  1. Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Snap Cloth Diapers
  2. BumGenius Freetime All in One Cloth Diaper (soaker flips out for easier washing/drying!)
  3. Imagine Baby Products Stay Dry All-In-One Snap Diaper (soaker is removable for easy washing/drying!)
  4. Lil Joey All-In-One Cloth Diaper, 2 pack (best diaper for preemies and newborns)
  5. Thirsties Snap One Size All In One (soaker flips out for easier washing/drying!)

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