What are the best humidifiers for nurseries and toddler’s rooms?

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Are humidifiers the best way to heal baby’s congestion and eczema?

A humidifier is a natural and safe way to lessen the severity of coughs, stuffy noses, and congestion. As there’s nothing to do but to wait out a cold, the best thing you can do to soothe your baby’s congested respiratory systems is to moisturize the air and lessen the severity of their stuffy nose and coughs.

Another reason to keep a humidifier in your nursery in the winter is to keep your baby’s skin moisturized and to relieve irritation. A baby’s skin is only a fraction as thick as adult skin so they lose moisture quickly. This is especially true during the winter when we turn on the heat.

Dry air can cause red irritated skin, eczema, and itching. A humidifier will prevent dry itchy skin in the winter. If you don’t want to cover your baby’s skin in creams and ointments, then consider a humidifier an ounce of prevention.

Crane ultrasonic cool mist humidifier review

So why is this the best humidifier? I’ll keep it quick and short.

  • It’s easy to clean and sanitize so you don’t have to scrub mold and mineral build up out of nooks and crannies
  • It’s quiet and the bubbling noise doubles as a soothing white noise machine
  • It’s adjustable so you can turn the power down if you notice water build up on your furniture
  • It’s small enough to fit on top of dressers, nightstands, and office desks.
  • It comes in a variety of colors and designs so it fits in with your room decor instead of sticking out as a medical machine.


  • This humidifier is to clean and there’s no complicated plumbing inside. One of my biggest pet peeves with humidifiers is that I would have to scrub out the gunk and calcium build up out of the connecting parts inside the machine. The Crane humidifier is well designed and the weekly cleanup is a breeze. Rinse the tank with a dilute vinegar or (strained) lemon juice solution once a week to get rid of calcium and lime build up.
  • At low-medium power the humidifier is super quiet and doubles as a white noise machine to soothe baby to sleep. At full power the bubbling noise sounds like a fish tank filter.
  • The reservoir tank holds almost 1 gallon of water. At 60% power the humidifier will stay full for 10 hours. At full power the humidifier can output 2.3 gallons of water in a day.
  • You can adjust the mist output so the water doesn’t condense around the machine and get your furniture all wet.
  • The machine turns off and goes into standby mode when the water runs out. The light will remain on when in standby mode.
  • Small and cute design in multiple colors that fits in perfectly with any nursery color scheme. Unlike humidifiers from back in the day, the Crane drop machines are sleek and modern instead of dull and institutional looking. The water droplet shape is about 14″ high and 9″ wide at the base.

There’s also different models of this humidifier in animal shapes like owls, tigers, monkeys, and dragons. There’s even a hello kitty and train shaped model.
I got the more neutral water droplet shape so I can reuse the humidifier in my office, but if I could have my way you bet I would have chosen the cow one!


  • While the nozzle can be turned around 360 degrees, water can build up around the machine if it is turned on too high. Turn the machine to a lower setting and run a fan nearby to help distribute the water around the room.
  • You should not use essential oils inside this humidifier. The oils will degrade the pastic and build up on the parts. If you want to use essential oils like eucalyptus or lavender you should get a vaporizer instead. The difference between a humidifier and a vaporizer is that a vaporizer will boil the water so it comes out as warm steam. A vaporizer will also have a separate compartment for your essential oils and medicines so it doesn’t end up all over the inside of the machine.
  • This model only runs on US electric currents. If you want to bring this machine with you overseas to Europe or Asia you will need to get a portable transformer kit like these.


While not perfect, the Crane ultrasonic humidifier is a vast improvement over the humidifiers we grew up with and a great addition to every nursery or toddler’s room in the winter. Winter means flu and cold season and dry skin once we turn on the heat. A humidifier will ease or eliminate coughs caused by itchy throats, stuffed noses caused by colds, and eczema and itching from dry skin.

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What is that gunk buildup inside the humidifer? What is that white mist that comes out of the humidifier?

The gunky crusty stuff that you find inside humidifiers comes from minerals in your tap water like lime and calcium. It’s easy to prevent this from happening in the first place. Just filter the water through a brita pitcher to get rid of the minerals so it doesn’t cake up inside your machine. If you get one of the animal designs you can get a filter cartridge (buybuybaby link) that plugs into the machine, but it’s just cheaper to filter the water before you pour it into the machine.

If you already see some mineral crusts inside the machine, soak the machine in a vinegar solution to dissolve the build up. If you hate the smell of vinegar you can also use a (dilute) citric acid solution or lemon juice. Be sure you strain any pulp out of the juice first!

What capacity do I need for my nursery?

This is a humidifier for smaller rooms. It is perfect for rooms that are around 150-300 square feet. If you want to use this in a larger room such as your living room, you may need to get a higher capacity machine.

How can I keep my furniture, floors, and carpet dry when I use my humidifier?

Put the humidifier as high up off the floor as possible. At least 3 feet away from the floor is preferable. A desk/dresser corner (aim the nozzle so the mist goes over the corner of the desk/dresser) or a high stool are the best surfaces.
You can also place a plastic mat or towel beneath the machine to catch any water build up.

It also helps if you can turn on a fan in the room to create some airflow. You want the water droplets to float through the air rather than sinking down to the floor all in one spot. You will also want to turn the humidifier down to a lower setting if you notice that the area around the machine is getting wet.

Check prices (Amazon | buybuybaby | Bed Bath & Beyond | Kohls)

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3 thoughts on “What are the best humidifiers for nurseries and toddler’s rooms?”

  1. Earles McCaul

    If your tap water has high mineral content, be sure to find a reliable source of replacement Crane #HS-3161 Demineralization Filter Cartridges, because the recommended filter replacement is after 30-40 fillings…roughly every 30-40 days…and many places SELL the humidifiers but DO NOT stock or sell the filter cartridges.

    1. Diaper Changing Jane

      Hi Earles,

      That’s an excellent point!

      Here’s a tip for those of you on a budget or if you cannot find the Crane filters in a store nearby:

      Run your tap water through a Brita pitcher first before you fill your humidifier. This will remove the minerals that gunk up the machine over time and you can save some money on buying replacement filters.

  2. Barbara

    Humidifier is definitely a must for baby’s room!

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