Who are the crazy people behind this site?

Hi I’m Jane! Mommy to one aka professional diaper changer.

Jane @ Blessed MommyhoodBlessed Mommyhood was started in 2008 after I learned all about the joys of leaky poopy diapers from thin ill fitting disposable diapers.

I knew there had to be a better way to diaper my baby that didn’t give her a diaper rash, that was good for the planet, and that didn’t drive me insane.

This blog is a collection of my personal triumphs and failures in my quest to find the perfect cloth diaper.  I’ll also occasionally blab on about parenting, schooling, travel, family, my home, and my pets.

And I’m Robin, sidekick and collaborator.

Robin @ Blessed Mommyhood

Besides being Jane’s bff, I’m also a breastfeeding advisor and giant nerd. From time to time, I help Jane out here and with product research and topics relating to breastfeeding and newborn development.

Welcome to our site. Please come in, sit back, and kick your feet up. We don’t mind!

This site is a resource and a water cooler where moms (and dads) are welcome to gather around to learn and share advice.

We are not parenting experts by any means, just your average moms who learned along the way and have gone through the same troubles you are currently experiencing.

Here’s a quick list of our most popular posts and guides.

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